A CompuStar pro dealer, Extreme Audio installs remote starters with nothing short of perfection. In addition to the high quality of workmanship, we also provide a lifetime warranty. We stand by our work 100%.

Popular CompuStar remote starters we keep in stock:

  • Pro T12 - a waterproof 2-way starter with a range of 3 miles, interactive LCD screen and is rechargeable via USB.

  • Prime 1Bam - a one way starter with a range of 800 ft.

  • Slice Jr - a 2-way water resistant starter with 2,500 ft of range.

  • WG6 - a waterproof 1-way starer with a range of 1,000 ft.

  • WG8 - a 1- way, 4 button starter with 1 miles of range.

  • We also offer the CompuStar Drone - a remote starter/security system that is all controllable through your smart phone!